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For a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING (customers in Canada and the United States only) on all non-discounted orders of $100 or more. Offers/coupons can't be combined and you will need to enter the coupon code "FREESHIP2021" during the Checkout process to receive your discount as this discount is not automatically applied.




Our high-quality items and regular low prices are great. However, if you want to save even more $$$ order 10 or more products in a single order and you will receive a minimum 10% discount off our online retail prices. Other online sellers don't provide low prices AND discounts so why look anywhere else? Buying from the distributor/manufacturer always gives you the lowest price.


We are the industry leader for providing the highest quality items with the lowest prices. We also provide top-notch customer service before, during and after your purchase.


Please note at the moment the quantity discounts are only applied and visible during the Check Out process. If your discounts are not applied at Check Out please contact us immediately.


NO COUPON CODE IS REQUIRED. Our Cart and Check Out automatically calculate the discounts for you based on the total number of items in your Cart.


Our discounts depend upon the total number of items ordered (excluding other products listed below). Discounts are applied to the total number of items in your Cart and are applied after the Sub-Total. The total number of items can be any combination of items. Please see below for examples:


Example #1 (10) USA patches = 10% discount; or (5) Scotland patches and (5) Mexico patches = 10% discount


Example #2 (20) Canada flag pins = 20% discount;

or (10) Canada flag pins & (10) Canada flag patches = 20% discount


Example #3 (30) Individual country flag patch designs (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc...) = 30% discount

DISCOUNTS are applied ONLY at Checkout



Please note , discounts are not stackable and do not apply to these products:


1) our already discount sets of patches (if available); or

2) any grouped complete set of patches and/or pins (i.e. complete set of Province/Territory flag patches and/or pins, special sports tournament sets or continent sets - World Cup, Olympics, North America, South America etc...); or


3) custom or special order flag patches we do not carry in regular stock; or


4) any additional FREE SHIPPING, special discounts or promotion/coupon codes that we offer, unless otherwise stated in the coupon/discount details.


Please review our discount chart below.



Number of Items


% Discount



0 to 9






10 to 19






20 to 29




30 +