How to Attach an Iron-on Patch/Badge/Crest

Iron-on Embroidered Patch/Badge Application

As manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of high-quality embroidered patches and badges at on many occasions we are asked about how to attach embroidered patches to various fabrics and materials. To help those that have purchased patches from us in the past or those that are just looking for how to go about attaching iron on patches we have penned this simple guide.

Please read below for the quick and easiest way of attaching iron on patches to your various items and keepsakes.

Adhesive Coating/Permanent Attachment

Iron on patches have a clear or opaque adhesive coating on the back of the embroidered patch that allows you to attach the patch to various fabrics without the need for a needle and thread or any sewing skills. Iron on patches can save you time during the application procedure and also the money you might have paid a seamstress to sew on your cherished flag patches.

We do recommend that for long-term usage you do sew on your patches to your fabrics or materials if you intend to wash/launder them on a regular or semi-regular basis. Keep in mind that backpacks also go through a lot of changing seasons and weather conditions outside so sewing the flag patches on your backpack will allow the patch to stay attached for the long-term.

Instructions on How to Attach Your Patch

Iron on patches can be applied to non-stretch fabrics using a simple household iron or a heat press that is usually found in most fabric and craft stores. When applying iron on patches use a medium heat (250-300 degrees) and hold for 8 to 10 seconds.

Note: You may protect the surface of the embroidered patch and the iron/heat press from glue leakage by placing a thin material, such as a used old pillowcase or thin hand-towel, between the iron/heat press and the surface of the embroidered patch.

By ironing on the patch to a fabric/material this may also assist you in holding the patch in place if you decide to sew on the patch for long term durability by sewing around the outside perimeter of the patch.

Recommendations on Fabrics/Materials to Avoid

We do not recommend attaching iron on patches using the adhesive backing to fabrics that are elastic or materials that may be damaged by the heat of an iron or heat press such as man made materials or plastics. If it can melt on the surface of an iron it is advisable to not attach the iron on patch to this type of material. It's really just simple common sense in the end.


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