Links to Our Other Websites

Canada's Patch King is a diverse company that has 2 active websites devoted to serving a wide range of clientele. Below is a list of our current websites and the products that we offer on each:
You are currently visiting our site, , where we specialize in small flag products (patches, pins, stickers, lanyards, key chains etc...) with very reasonable shipping costs worldwide. Our specialties are Canadian-made flag patches for Canada and it's 10 provinces and 3 territories and a complete line of International flag patches for over 200 nations.
All our larger flag products can be found on this site. These include all our flag products that are Canadian-made including our outdoor and indoor flags and banners for homes and businesses as well as flag poles and accessories.

We do try to cross-promote all our items on each site. However if you find that there are products that you are interested in on one site that are not listed on another site we can combine your orders and ship all orders at once.

It would be best to contact us (by telephone or e-mail) before making your purchase so that you can receive a shipping estimate and authorization from one of our customer account personnel.